"Why documents are important"


Why documents are important:
Akita’s bred in Austria - from a registered kennel - will receive ÖCNHS / ÖKV / FCI documents.
These documents are the “ID” of your dog, where you can see his pedigree, breed, gender, DOB, Microchip number,…
Breeding under OKV / FCI is costly (both time and money) and not simple, this quality has its price. Please avoid “bargains” without papers.
Strict breeding regulations and controls are in place for DNA, health requirements (dentition, HD and eyes), clearance of a litter, breeding permit (this also includes costs for this of course).
With papers you can make sure, your puppy is not there just for the money. Ask yourself why people "breed" without sticking to these regulations, very often this has economic reasons or their Akita would just not be granted a breeding permit or they just don’t care.
On national and international dog shows under the ÖKV / FCI, only dogs with FCI papers are permitted.
Declared goal is to breed healthy, beautiful dogs with a stable character and to offer best upbringing and keeping conditions.
Continued education and further development, open and transparent breeding ins natural for a specialized ÖKV / FCI breeder, same as advise, guidance and support before buying a puppy and afterwards.
Please inform yourself before buying a puppy, visit the breeders and pay attention to quality.