The long-hair Akita


The long-hair Akita has a slightly longer coat than the standard Akita with a slightly different structure. This feature is determined by a recessive gene.

Despite the relatively small difference in coat length, the long-hair Akita does not correspond to the FCI standard, long hair is considered a "disqualifying fault", long-hair Akita must not be exhibited on FCI shows and are excluded from breeding. Nevertheless they are great family members and companions and there are a lot of sympathizers of the long coat Akita.

Longhaired Akita are often more relaxed, usually have a more balanced nature and are sometimes easier to train. All other characteristics are the same as the standard Akita, both have a strong protective instinct towards his pack and are very family-related.

It is a topic for discussion if the long hair has to be strictly avoided or if due to the small gene pool there are far more important considerations when planning a mating.

Appearance of the long-hair Akita:
The coat of the long-hair Akita is a few centimeter longer than the coat of the standard Akita. Often, the long-hair Akita has a mane which lends him a lion-like appearance. Long-haired Akita usually appear more stately due to their long and dense fur, when people compare the Akita to a bear, many of them refer to the long-hair Akita.

The only difference is that the long hair should be combed from time to time, otherwise it can become matted. This can be easily avoided by regularly brushing (2-3 times a week is recommended). Under no circumstances may the (long-hair) Akita be shorn.